After four years of being part of this family, I have to say goodbye to Peeler.  I have enjoyed learning with you!  This school has made me a better teacher, and I appreciate that more than any of you will ever know.

My new school is called North Graham Elementary.  It is a year-round school, so students will be back on July 23!  My new page is  As of this writing, the site is not quite ready yet, but soon you will be able to follow my adventures there!

Have a great year Peeler!  I will miss you!


Mrs. B 🙂

Summer Reading

I’ve made a new site for you to meet new people and read a book together this summer! It’s called “Book Ninjas”…don’t ask why =)

Anyone can join between the ages of 9-13. I really hope to start seeing some boys on there…so far there are only girls (are boys slackers?!?! hehehe j/k)! We haven’t chosen a book yet but will do so very soon, so jump in now!

Go to my Book Ninjas site and scroll down to the first post for directions. Then write your first post to introduce yourself. Have fun!

Mrs. B =)

Force and Motion Activities

Fifth Graders,

Today we will simulate the effects that different forces have on motion.  Using the websites below, work through the lessons carefully.  Pay attention to what happens when you change something in an experiment. 

1. Friction

  • Read about friction by clicking here.  You may take notes if you find that helpful.
  • Complete the simulation below.  Before you run each experiment, predict what will happen next. 

2.  Forces in Action

  • Read about the different forces by clicking here.  You may take notes if you find this helpful.
  • Complete the simulation below.  Before you run each experiment, predict what will happen next. 

When you are done, leave a comment on this post about what you did today.  Did you find it helpful?  I certainly hope so!

Mrs. B 🙂

Blog Jog!

Part of being a good blogger is to read lots of different blogs. You might get ideas on how to do something better, or you may make a new friend. Either way, it’s a win-win situation, right? 🙂

Here are some blogs that you might enjoy reading. Please leave a comment and tell the writer what you like about his or her blog posts. Everyone loves positive feedback!
Mrs. Gentis’s Class, San Antonio, TX

Mr. MJ’s class (Peeler)

Ms. Mannino’s class (Peeler)

Erik’s blog: Six-year-old Erik writes about things he likes.

Global Bros: Brothers Stefan and Tyler traveled around the world for a whole year!  Check out some of their experiences.

You Are Here–Jordan: Follow a girl named Ayat as she talks about what it’s like to live in Jordan, a country in the Middle East.

**You can’t comment directly on Global Bros. or You Are Here because you have to be a member of the site.  If you want to say something about either one of these blogs, you can leave those comments on THIS post.

If you’re a visitor to our blog and would like us to read your blog, leave us a comment and a link to your page.  We’re always looking for new stuff to read!  Happy blog jogging!

Mrs. B 🙂

Back home again =)

We are home from our amazing trip to Camp Greenville! Our kids spent the past three days in the mountains learning about courage, compassion, and responsibility. They also learned a lot about leadership. I am proud of all the kids who went on the trip. I enjoyed watching them try new things and make new friends. They all really worked well as a team. Way to go Upper House!

My class is writing about their camp experience and how they were able to show courage, compassion, or responsibility. Check out their posts by looking to the right of this page and clicking on a name. They would love to have comments from you!

Do you have a Camp Greenville story that you’d like to share? Leave a comment on this page and tell us about what you experienced at Camp Greenville!

Mrs. B 🙂